Our Story

A passion for storytelling has continued to be the driving catalyst behind creating visions and sharing those images both in a creative and professional realm. I believe inspiration is a continuous flow and with over 14 years of experience, I have much to draw from and contribute in the art of creating multimedia campaigns through various mediums. As a graduate of UCSB Film Studies in 1997, I have progressed in productions of many capacities over the years. My experience includes working with everyone from small businesses to the largest corporate and political clients and no matter the venue or range of project, I enjoy the ultimate satisfaction of giving the most creative edge to your production needs.

In this continuum of excellence in meeting all of your production needs, B REEL PICTURES offers a varietal range from 30 second and longer format production. Offering this broad scope permits, you, the client to meet your needs successfully, whilst offering all levels of production for any budget. B REEL PICTURES offers production services in the tri-county areas, including L.A., Orange County and Riverside.

At B REEL PICTURES our goals are to capture the creative energy and force behind your production needs and we continue to match that with both professionalism and open mindedness.